What do my dreams mean? by Robert G Tronge

Dreams are basically the subconscious trying to work out the events of the day.

Here are 14 Common Dreams and Symbols and also an explanation of Why They’re Important to you.

Most people dream for 90 minutes to over two hours or more each night. This is for every single person since everyone on Earth dreams. Sometimes the dreams are straightforward in their meaning and can be easily understood to the dreamer, such as a long-lost friend reappears in your life, or a tropical beach beckons you to take it easy for a while or wining the lottery jackpot is within reach says Robert G Tronge.

Dreams don’t always tell a simple story and it is interesting as the field of dream research becomes even more fascinating when people from different backgrounds and cultures report having similar dreams.

“Dreams are a universal language, creating elaborate images out of subconscious emotional concepts,” explains Robert G Tronge, a licensed social worker and professional dream worker for more than 10 years.

Tronge, who is part of the experienced team of Dream Reflectors at DreamClouds that provide insight and feedback about dreams, has identified 16 common images found in dreams posted to the DreamClouds user-generated database of dreams.

“There is no single, definitive meaning for symbols and images in dreams,” Tronge notes. “Just as a smile usually means that someone is happy, these dream images are so common that they do have a generally accepted meaning among people and cultures.”

Being chased is one of the most commonly reported dreams that people have. Mostly because of the anxiety we feel in the dream is so vivid that it makes it easier for us to remember them when we wake up. But often the real reason for these dreams are not from the fear of actually being chased but rather what we are running from in the dream. Chase dreams help us to understand that there may be something in our waking world that we may not be addressing and it requires our attention.

Water frequently represents our unconscious minds or our emotions. The quality of the water which could be clear vs. cloudy; calm vs. turbulent often provide insight into how effectively we are managing our emotions in life.

Whether a car, train, airplane or ship, the vehicles in our dream can also reflect what direction we feel that our life is taking and also how much control we think we have over the path ahead of us. Robert George Tronge says vehicles can give us power to make a transition and envision ourselves getting to our final destination or highlight the obstacles that we think we are facing and need to work on through.

With people, seeing other people in your dream often is a reflection of the different aspects of ourselves. People in dreams can relate to some characteristics that need to be fully developed. Specific people directly relate to an existing relationship or interpersonal issues that we need to work through. Dreaming of a lover is frequently symbolic of an aspect of ourselves from which we feel detached with.

If you dream of a school or classroom it is a very common.  Situations for people in dreams to find themselves in a classroom or school, often confronted with a test you are not prepared to take. This is a great example of “dream pun” because the mind us using a word or concept and giving it different definitions. The “test” or "lesson" we face inside the school or classroom is frequently one that we need to learn from our past in which is one reason these dreams are often reported by people who have long since finished their schooling.

Unknown to most people, the body is encountering a form of paralysis during the dreaming cycle, which prevents it from physically performing the action occurring in your dream.  Therefore dreaming about paralysis frequently represents the overlap between our REM stage and the waking stage of sleep. Dreaming about paralysis can indicate that the dreamer feels they lack control in their waking life.

Although death is often perceived as something negative, it is often more directly related to a dramatic change happening for the dreamer.  The end of one thing in order to make room for something that may be new.

I love to fly in my dreams. Flying in a dream relates to how much control we feel we have in our lives, and whether we are confident and able to achieve our goals in life. Flying high above the earth is one of the most euphoric dreams imaginable.  Flying or “skimming” low to the ground or being caught in obstacles like power lines can be very frustrating.

Not all falling dreams are negative or even scary. Some dreamers report a type of slow falling which can indicate serenity and the act of letting things go that are bothering us. Falling uncontrollably from a great height often indicates something in our waking our life that feels very much out of control.

Nudity could mean emotional or psychological exposure or vulnerability is very often expressed in dreams through our nudity. The body part that is exposed can give us more insight into the emotion that our dreams are helping us to understand what we feel exposed to.

Dreaming of a baby represents something new and it might be a new idea, new project at work or school, new development or the potential for growth in a specific area of our life while we are awake.

Food symbolizes energy, knowledge or nourishment and it is directly related to our basic intellect, emotions or spirituality.

Houses frequently represent the dreamer’s state of mind. Different rooms may relate to difference aspects of the individual dreamer and different degrees of our consciousness. The basement in the house often represents what has been neglected, while bedrooms relate to intimate thoughts and feelings which are those closest to the dreamer’s core self.

Who doesn't like sex, even in your dreams? Sex in dreams can simply be an outlet for sexual expression that we cannot get out in the waking life. Dreams about sex can also symbolize an intimate connection with one’s self and others in your life, such as the figurative integration of new information.

It is important to point out that only the dreamer can truly interpret the meaning of their own dreams and how these symbols and their meanings may connect to the specific events occurring in your waking life.

I hope this guide helps you to explore and understand your dreams.  Sincerely, Robert Tronge.


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